INKPASS is a collection of 10,000 utility-based NFTs supported by the Polygon Blockchain.

The collection comprises of unique artwork variants (plus special rare tokens), each & every one guaranteeing their holder a lifetime discount on Tattoo work performed by INKPAY approved studios.

What is INKPAY

INKPAY is the world’s first ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ service specifically created for the tattoo industry.

Established in 2019, INKPAY is now an industry staple across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, utilised monthly by thousands of studios artists and clientele.

Our global mission is for tattoo-enthusiasts to never compromise on quality due to financial limitations. We’re delivering this, having assisted over 50,000 people turn their dream tattoo into a reality.

How does the INKPASS utility work?

For as long as you hold an INKPASS NFT, you are entitled to tattoo discounts through INKPAY approved studios. These discounts will be applicable at checkout through your INKPAY app account and you will retain them for life, provided that you hold on to your NFT.

Depending on the rarity of the NFT you receive (assigned randomly), these discounts range from 25-100%. Every NFT holder is guaranteed at minimum 25% discount utility, with high odds of receiving 50% or better.

How Does Stacking Work?

An owner of multiple NFTs is entitled to the cumulative percentage of them. Some examples are as follows:

• minting 2 x 25% NFTs = 50% discount privilege
• minting 1 x 25% NFT & 1 x 50% NFT = 75% discount privilege.
• minting 4 x 25% NFTS = 100% discount privilege (free tattoos for life)

This means that buying 4 INKPASS NFTs will guarantee you free tattoos for life at all INKPAY Studios. Of course, as your discount privileges cannot exceed 100%, a scenario such as 1 x 75% NFT & 1 x 50% NFT would simply equate to 100%.

What is an NFT?

An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is an unique identifier that denotes ownership. These tokens reside within the Web3 ecosystem on a specified blockchain, and owners keep their NFTs within digital wallets.

Currently, most people understand an NFT as a piece of digital art. A better way to describe an NFT is: an ownership contract with incentives.

For art-based NFTs, known as collectables, the token itself serves as the incentive, as it doubles up as a unique piece of art. Some people buy these collectables for the art itself, while others foresee appreciation of the art’s value.

However, there is a lesser-known type: Utility NFTs. These tokens, while still maintaining an artistic element, afford holders value beyond the art itself in the form of certain privileges. In most cases however, these privileges are yet to provide any tangible value beyond the Web3 ecosystem.

Why are you using NFTs?

Much like the dawn of the internet, Web3 is an emerging market that provides new ways for companies and consumers to connect with one another.

NFTs are one piece of the puzzle, but offer a streamlined verification of ownership and utility, while reducing the probability of fraud to virtually zero.