Dear viewer,
In light of regulatory shifts pertaining to both BNPL and NFTs in global markets, we have been forced to make the regrettable decision to pause sales of the INKPASS until further notice.

At this time, establishing legitimate legal operations in the US and other jurisdictions presents significant challenges, and we are working around the clock to navigate this. We want to ensure that our partnerships in these jurisdictions align solidly with our vision for the future, so that we can continue to assist customers around the world in budgeting for quality Tattoos.Naturally, establishing new partnerships and navigating the legal and contractual hurdles ahead will take time. As such, in order for us to remain legally compliant both domestically and globally, we have no choice but to temporarily pause the sale of INKPASS at this time.For the exclusive list of first adopters that have their hands on a shadow skull, fear not – your NFT is secured and isn’t going anywhere. The unlocking of its utility however, will continue to be postponed until our US launch (as per our roadmap).

We apologise for any inconvenience however we are absolutely tied by these changes in legal and regulatory rulesets.

Thank you for your patience,