Phase 1 of INKPASS marks the release of the Genesis Token; a hotly discounted INKPASS NFT. Further, we will provide existing INKPAY customers the option to ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ their token via the INKPAY portal. AUD only.

This phase will also see the launch of our social community via Discord and Twitter. Active members of our community will gain access to alpha, giveaway opportunities, status roles and more.

Phase 2 sees the General release of INKPASS. General release INKPASS NFTs are still available for purchase in fiat, with the additional option of crypto payment. However, the Genesis Pre-sale discount will no longer be available.

We’ll also be opening the Official Members Area of our discord to Genesis holders, as well as to those that acquire a General Release INKPASS NFT during this phase. These holders will be given ‘OG Member’ status, entitling them to exclusive airdrops, giveaways and more.

Phase 3 marks the end of the Pre-sale period, and the commencement of our global INKPASS campaign. OG Members will also receive exclusive INKPAY discounts airdropped to their wallets.

In Phase 4, we reveal the utility and quantity of our special rare tokens: a limited number of NFTs within the collection that offer invaluable perks for their lucky holders.

Phase 4 will also see the official INKPASS launch party, hosted in the Metaverse. OG Members will be invited to attend, and in doing so will gain access to further perks and rewards. This will also mark the reveal of the INKPASS NFT’s public mint date.

In Phase 5, the INKPASS NFT public mint will go live via the Polygon Blockchain. The following week, INKPASS holders will have the rarity and utility of their tokens revealed. As our collection sales hit their straps, further milestone prizes will be announced.

In Phase 6, we launch our holder rewards program. These rewards consist of exclusive airdrops, discounts from partners, access to giveaways such as tattoo vacations, and more. Rare token holders will also be able to claim their bonus prizes.

Phase 6 also sees the final build up INKPAY’s USA launch.


INKPASS NFT holders may utilise their discount tattoo privileges at INKPAY-approved studios for the duration that they hold their token. These tokens do not expire… if you hold your token for life, you receive discounts for life.